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Exotic Hair Set (3 boxes)
Exotic Hair Set (3 boxes)

Exotic Hair Set (3 boxes)

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The eyelifter contains a sensational combination of active ingredients for the eyes: on the one hand for eyesight and on the other hand for the beauty around the eye. Because the eyelifter especially improves the sensitive skin around the eye area and thus contributes to an optical rejuvenation. In particular, wrinkles, dark circles and bags under the eyes are fought by the eyelifter.

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Ecklonia cava caps.
The miracle algae Ecklonia cava is the new discovery from East Asia in terms of anti-aging. Numerous studies show a positive effect in many areas. Take an anti-aging cure with Ecklonia cava and use the highly concentrated (350 mg!) And very high quality Ecklonia cava extract with vitamin C from Dr. Oldhaver - just one capsule a day!

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Rich Body Oil » African Formula «

Intensive Care for Dry Skin with Marula and Aloe Vera

Anti-aging body oil from the beauty garden of the African continent. A natural silver bullet against the signs of time.

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