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Slim Formula 24
Slim Formula 24

Slim Formula 24

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Slim Formula 24 - Slim with the Secrets of Indigenous People!

Most diets simply do not work. As a rule, you lose only water rather than fat. Once you stop dieting, the yoyo effect kicks in again. Our slimming hormones are crucial in maintaining normal weight. They establish a healthy balance between the feeling of hunger and satiety and stimulate the fat-burning process by drawing their high energy consumption from your fat cells. However: while slimming hormones are 100% effective in indigenous people, they are often not utilised in overweight people of Western industrialised countries. This is something scientists have only recently discovered. The reason: in contrast to the natural food consumed by primitive races, our foodstuff often lacks certain substances required by slimming hormones. 
If you want to lose weight, you must therefore first supply your body's slimming hormones with the nutrients that they need in order to function. Slim Formula 24 provides you with precisely these nutrients. For example, with the African mango, by which many famous Hollywood stars swear when it comes to weight loss. America’s most famous talk show host, Oprah Winfrey, called the African mango “the diet substance of the 21st century”. Background: scientific studies prove that the African mango has enormous slimming potential.
Another highlight of Slim Formula 24 is the vital mushroom, Cordyceps sinensis, which grows at a height of 5,000 m in Tibet, and which has an amazing effect on the metabolism, according to the latest scientific evidence.
Your satiety hormones are activated, among other things, by Topinambur. This indigenous American plant contains a high proportion of Inulin, which causes a quick feeling of satiety. Native American people used this plant - also called Jerusalem Artichoke - in order to still their hunger in times of crisis. Topinambur also suppresses the fattening hormone, Insulin, thus preventing sugar molecules from being incorporated into your fat cells. 
Rounding off the intelligent slimming formula in Slim Formula 24 are bitter orange extract (stimulates satiety hormones), caffeine (stimulates fat burner hormones) and Griffonia (keeps you in a good mood while slimming).
Since your body's slimming hormones are produced at different times of day and night, we have produced Slim Formula 24 with an entirely new, absolutely brilliant capsule technology. This innovative process ensures that the appropriate active ingredients are activated at exactly the right time for the respective slimming hormones.
Slim Formula 24 combines the secrets of indigenous people with a completely new scientific approach to promoting effective weight loss. 
Try Slim Formula 24 and see the results for yourself!


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