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Slim Formula Top 20
Slim Formula Top 20

Slim Formula Top 20

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CellulitEX contains the best that nature has to offer to combat cellulite! The recipe consists of an innovative combination of special vital substances to fight cellulite. A premium combination of secondary plant materials from the Japanese Fuji apple, which reinforces connective tissue from the inside! CellulitEX promotes proteasome, a particular protein complex that helps the connective tissue to gain more inner strength.


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Coconut Beauty
The beauty and energy secret of the stars! with valuable organic coconut oil for more energy and beautiful skin!

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The eyelifter contains a sensational combination of active ingredients for the eyes: on the one hand for eyesight and on the other hand for the beauty around the eye. Because the eyelifter especially improves the sensitive skin around the eye area and thus contributes to an optical rejuvenation. In particular, wrinkles, dark circles and bags under the eyes are fought by the eyelifter.

29,44 €

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Collagen Beauty Shot

Collagen Beauty Shot
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